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In Payment Services, Banks Fare Better When They Join Together

Payment services bring frequent customer engagement and valuable transaction data.

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In Payment Services, Banks Fare Better When They Join Together

As the number and clout of challenger banks and technology firms grow, traditional banks find their interactions and engagement with customers diminishing.  Alternative payment methods, for instance, are catching on in many countries, Bain & Company’s new survey of 151,894 consumers in 29 countries finds. Yet banks have managed to hold their own in payments in a few countries, notably Sweden, Poland and Singapore. The common thread there: Banks can prosper if they join forces to create an industrywide platform that is highly functional and consumer-friendly. But if banks don’t figure out how to appeal to mobile-first customers, competitors will.

Maureen Burns is a partner in Bain & Company’s Financial Services practice.

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В поисках клиентов, лояльных своему банку

Сейчас, когда банки все больше и больше сталкиваются с конкуренцией со стороны технологических компаний, наш отчет исследует вопрос, как сфокусироваться на том, что клиенты ценят больше всего.


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