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Agathe Gross

Партнер, Sydney


Agathe Gross is a partner based in Bain & Company’s Sydney office. She is an expert in the firm’s Advanced Manufacturing & Services and Energy & Natural Resources practices.

Within the advanced manufacturing & services sphere, Agathe specializes in construction materials, construction and EPCM, as well as hand and power tools production and distribution.

Her energy & natural resources expertise encompasses power and gas utilities, oil & gas infrastructure and services and mining projects.

Additionally, Agathe is deeply versed in performance improvement, including pre- and post-merger integration (PMI), Bain Accelerated Transformation (BAT), project management (PMO), cultural integration and change management.

Agathe holds a master’s degree in engineering from École Centrale Paris and joined Bain as an Associate Consultant in Paris after finishing her degree in 2005.

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