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Manager, Madrid


Hey, I'm Alfredo. I've been working primarily in the Madrid office with a healthy amount of travel. Prior to Bain, I was  interested in consumer goods, retail, industrial goods and financial services, and couldn't make up my mind about which path to choose.

I chose Bain because it offered me the possibility of having a real and tangible impact on the most important clients in my industries of interest, while being able to work alongside great colleagues (many of my MBA friends are from Bain).

During this time, Bain has given me the chance to rapidly grow my responsibilities, from performing analyses to leading a group of colleagues throughout multiple workstreams and conducting steering committees with client executives. I have been able to work in European countries such as Sweden and Germany with teams consisting of German, Swiss, Italian, Romanian, Bulgarian and Spanish colleagues, as well as many others. This has been an extremely enriching experience, helping me thrive in an international environment while meeting great people from other offices.

One of my favorite cases was a 2020 growth plan for a leading Spanish industrial goods and services group. The project involved creating growth plans for different businesses, a strategic revision of the group's business portfolio and an operating model redesign. 

"As a consultant, I had the chance to lead three workstreams and to conduct steering committees with client executives."

We were able to develop a very close relationship with the client working as one team, allowing us to achieve great buy-in for the project from the start.

One of the most important things I've learned at Bain has been understanding the positive impact enjoyable work can have on the quality of the output. Having a good working atmosphere, and combining sustainable but focused work with regular off-work team activities, is key to achieving an efficient and enjoyable work routine. And it really pays off in the work we do!

If you're interested in applying to Bain, have a clear notion of what's important to you at work and speak to people who have worked or are actually working here. Listen to their experiences and see if you're a fit with Bain's culture. As important as you being a fit for Bain, it is also important to figure out if Bain is a fit for you