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Avikshat Bhardwaj



  • Avid runner
  • Novice Climber and Snowboarder

Share your journey to Bain.

I grew up in a bunch of towns and cities across India but spent most of my formative years in a place called Dehradun, located near Himalayan foothills. I completed my degree in electrical and electronics engineering but jumped trade and studied business administration, specializing in marketing. After working in the consumer products industry for more than four years in India, I decided to move to the U.S. to study advanced analytics with a specialization in marketing analytics.

How did you know that Bain was the right company for you?

At FRWD@Bain, the focus of work was around digital marketing, marketing technology, and impact of advance analytics on digital and traditional marketing. With my previous experience in marketing along with educational learning of marketing analytics, I knew that this will be a place where my role would allow me to leverage and apply all of my skill sets.

Do you feel like you can do impactful work at Bain? What opportunities excite you?

FRWD@Bain has allowed me to work on not only challenges clients may face, but the industry itself. The insights, analysis, recommendations and inputs that we provide help clients navigate problems that are top of mind for their leadership teams. Having the opportunity to apply my expertise to solve such challenges and having impact on clients’ future roadmaps excite me.

“Build Your Own Bain” means creating a thriving career on your own terms. How have you been able to “Build Your Own Bain?”

FRWD@Bain has provided me the flexibility to pursue deeper specialization and expertise in marketing technology related to my interest and passion. This has not only allowed me to help team build IP around them, but also carve my own career path and be a thought leader for these new and upcoming technologies.

Share some of your favorite work (personal or professional) you’ve done while at Bain.

My favorite work was for marketing technology activation done for an omni-channel luxury watch retailer. The best part of that project was the cross-team collaboration between our analytics, media and creative teams. Our collaboration from diagnostics to the implementation phase was instrumental in delivering impactful results for the client along with being in a fun working environment.