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Manager, Tokyo


Joined Bain after graduating from University of Tokyo Faculty of Law. Experience in various projects with strong expertise in corporate strategy, business growth strategy and M&A across a wide range of sectors such as retail, beverage, electronics, telecom/ high-tech and private equity. Transferred to Johannesburg office and currently working at Tokyo office.


"Global one team"

Bain respects "Global one team".

Through my daily work in the Tokyo office and my experience as a transfer in Johannesburg and Brussels, I have strongly felt that "Global one team" shapes our way of working. I also noticed the value of “True North” as a common principle in everything we do, regardless of office location. Core to Bain’s identity, "True North" is the idea that our work should always guide the clients in the right direction. Despite working across various offices and cases, I faced the same question every day - "What is the right thing to do for this client?" A seemingly simple question, coming up with an answer is not an easy task. This was particularly challenging in my time abroad, as I had very little exposure to European and African markets in Japan. However, continuing to question what the True North is for various clients has without a doubt shaped my growth as a professional consultant.

Upon returning to the Tokyo office, I still feel very connected to my experiences and people I met abroad. It is truly a wonderful experience to work with collaborative teams beyond boundaries and support each other as good friends.

Bain currently has 56 offices around the world. Working at Bain entails working with global professionals with a combination of deep industry knowledge and insights that are unique to each particular region. Imagine for a second, becoming a part of this expansive network of passionate professionals and friends. I look forward to your joining our "Global one team" one day.