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Mladen Tošić

Младший партнер, Sydney


Mladen Tošić is an associate partner in our Consumer Products, Retail and Sales & Marketing practices, based in Sydney.

Over more than a decade with us, Mladen has honed extensive expertise working across customer, strategy and performance improvement projects. He is also an expert on our proprietary Brand Accelerator and a leader with FRWD, our digital marketing capability. His foremost client engagements include the transformation of an iconic global food brand, major category transformation for a leading retailer and marketing acceleration for a global supplier and retailer.

Apart from his client work, Mladen is deeply involved in social impact as well as local talent and recruiting efforts.

Mladen holds a Ph.D. in International Studies from the University of Cambridge.

In his personal time, he serves as an advisor for early-stage companies. He previously served as a course director and lecturer at Cambridge and as a governor of Hampstead School in London.

A married father of two, he is an avid outdoorsman and has a keen interest in international affairs.

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