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Scott Nancarrow

Practice Director,


Global Solution Director for Merger Integration



  • Co-creator of Bain's Decision Spotlight approach to Merger Integration
  • Co-author of "The case for buying a new growth engine" in Fortune Magazine
  • Co-author of "How to Avoid the Fault Lines Sending Tremors through Cultural Integration" in Bain's M&A Annual Report

Scott Nancarrow directs Bain's Merger Integration solution within the M&A practice. He has more than 10 years of experience with our firm, working across industries on the full spectrum of M&A support.

Scott's experience includes M&A strategy, complex scale integrations, highly-regulated global separations, and 15+ due diligences. Within these, he's helped change-oriented leaders optimize their approach for cultural integration, integration management, Day 1 readiness, procurement integration, and regulatory compliance. Outside of M&A, Scott has worked extensively in customer experience design and digital innovation.

Scott joined Bain with a philosophy degree from Princeton University and an MBA from The University of Chicago. He now lives in Bloomington, Illinois where his wife teaches at Illinois State University and where he is an enthusiastic guest lecturer.

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