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Test for Results

The best way to find out what customers want is to let them tell you. Market testing is a great way to listen, but too often companies test only marginal changes to the status quo. Bain Test for Results lets you take a much bolder approach: Experiment with hundreds of messaging, pricing, product and other options, then find the winning combination with the click of a button.

Winning Companies use in-market testing to outperform their peers

Why Bain

Why Bain

  • We translate your strategic objectives into high-impact tests, ensuring that testing focuses on what matters most.
  • We partner with our ADAPT@Bain® creative team to apply design thinking, resulting in bigger, bolder ideas that guarantee your tests reach significance.
  • By applying cutting-edge techniques, including fractional factorial multivariate testing (MVT) and multiarmed bandit (MAB), we generate results faster and help you get the most learning from your available sample.
  • Bain Test for Results has helped clients improve their digital marketing, pricing, retail display, hospitality bookings, direct mail and other key business challenges, often resulting in 10X ROI.


What to Expect

What to Expect

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