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New Ventures

New Ventures

This team builds and commercializes entirely new business ventures around our extensive intellectual property. If you’re hired here, you’ll join a team of pragmatic and bold internal entrepreneurs empowered to start companies, move fast, and propel us into new and exciting markets.

No limits to what we can build together

This team is building a flywheel for subscription revenue and here, you’ll enjoy the best of many worlds: support from the well-capitalized company core, but also startup freedom. The ventures range from data-as-a-service platforms built upon our intellectual property in talent and customer experience to stealth-mode SaaS companies we can’t yet talk about. 

Our team members tend to come from a variety of startups, large enterprises and consulting firms, and each person has a specific talent for some piece of the go-to-market puzzle: sales, marketing, strategy, product, engineering, analytics, customer success, ops, or data science. What unites us all is a love for growth and innovation.

What our people love about working on this team

Webinars for tech enthusiasts and innovators

Our Technology & Engineering webinars offer a peek into what it's like to work at Bain. You'll discover the diversity of our capabilities, meet the builders of our teams, and explore the spectrum of technology and engineering opportunities.

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