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Some organizations just work. They accomplish what they set out to do, powered by engaged employees with the tools and motivation to get the job done. Yet only 20 percent of companies are designed to achieve this. We help you improve your company’s performance and become a better place to work by ensuring your entire organization can deliver on your strategy.

An effective organization clarifies where and how work gets done. Get that right and the payoff can be significant. Our research finds a 6% advantage in total shareholder return, and a notable boost in employee engagement. The secret: decisions. The best performers make better decisions, make them more quickly and execute them more effectively. Our experts can help you improve organizational performance from the top to the bottom of the org chart, by working with you to:

  • Build a bridge from strategy to results, using our proprietary diagnostic to assess your current operating model and determine how to effectively implement a strategic realignment, cost reduction program, merger integration, or seize any number of other opportunities. In situations where a fresh start is called for, zero-based redesign can help you simplify your organization, streamline work processes, advance your digital strategy and unlock massive savings.
  • Make and execute decisions faster than your competitors, by assessing and developing your decision effectiveness. Decision made, we help you execute it quickly and successfully, using Agile methods.
  • Define your long-term talent needs and develop a strategy for meeting them, supported by the systems you need to recruit, retain and develop the people your company depends on. We also help you maximize your talent strategy by showing you how to build the kind of culture that inspires optimum performance. 



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Our Perspective

Bain has a comprehensive tool kit and team of global experts to help companies break down organizational barriers and address decision inefficiencies to get to high performance. Working jointly with our clients, we start with a focus on which decisions matter most to overall performance. Small, everyday decisions can matter as much as big strategic ones. We then build integrated organizational systems that are explicitly geared to support these key decisions. We go beyond the "hard" issues of structure, roles and processes to addresses the "soft" elements such as people, behaviors and culture.

Our ultimate objective is to embed new capabilities and repeatable processes so that people at all levels can decide and deliver, again and again.

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We work with ambitious leaders who want to define the future, not hide from it. Together, we achieve extraordinary outcomes.