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Telcos power and sustain our ever more connected lives.  The rise of remote work and a rapidly expanding digital economy make them even more crucial—whether meeting the explosive demand for video conferencing or enabling industries like healthcare to provide new virtual options. In addition to their core connectivity services, telcos are at a critical juncture with the Internet of Things, automated operations, and edge computing, all of which depend on the foundational technologies and expertise telcos provide.

As trusted advisors, we can help you make the most of today’s opportunities by strengthening core assets and services while building an ecosystem to support new ventures. Our telecom consulting experts have transformed the businesses of most major players across the industry: We’ve helped 93% of the world’s top 30 telecom operators, and we are the leading advisors for private equity funds on telecom deals.

As the lines between industries blur, our expertise in tech, media, and other adjacent businesses is integral to our client results. Our strategic advantage? We combine deep industry expertise, strategic partnerships, and proprietary tools to help you:

  • Simplify products and processes to make you more efficient and effective while better serving your customers.
  • Make strategic decisions about wireless strategy, mobile strategy, fixed-mobile convergence and more.
  • Invest wisely in infrastructure aimed at enhancing the customer experience.
  • Reduce costs, analyze capital expenditure effectiveness and optimize content investment.
  • Link strategy to shareholder returns with a compelling equity story that boosts investor confidence.
  • Reimagine your operating model to be more agile and customer centric.
  • Understand—and leverage—M&A opportunities and best practices.
  • Embrace the future by integrating AI into capabilities and processes.
  • Embed environmental, social, and governance best practices in all operations.
  • Build an innovative, future-ready culture that prioritizes diversity.

Today’s business landscape requires that telcos consider their broader impact, including ramping up efforts to meaningfully address diversity, equity, and inclusion at all levels. As part of the TM Forum, we bring together industry leaders to make real and lasting change in these areas. We’ve also partnered with the TM Forum on the pilot of an Inclusion and Diversity Score (IDS), a universal index that measures the inclusive culture of the industry and in turn, helps drive top talent to telcos.

The telecommunications industry is at an inflection point. The telco of the future will embrace new technologies and processes while keeping the customer and their needs front and center.


Hyperlocal data, at scale, to drive critical decisions. Now Telcos can achieve breakthrough ROI.

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