In a game with frequently changing rules, retailers need to quickly adapt to stay on top. We know from experience. We’re industry thought leaders who defined the omnichannel movement a decade ago. And we’ve steadily built on this legacy, earning a reputation for not only tracking retail’s trajectory—but actually shaping its future.

We believe that strong teams propel our success. This means prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion in teaming, as well as collaborating with a broader ecosystem of global industry leaders. These partnerships, along with our executive networks and proprietary tools, uniquely position us to solve your most demanding challenges. Leveraging lessons learned from 3,000 projects—across grocery, apparel, luxury, restaurants, hospitality, specialty and more—we equip you with tailored strategies to meet today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities. This on-the-ground expertise helps you:

  • Build omnichannel customer journeys that merge the physical and digital.
  • Make bold moves—whether new formats, innovative store concepts, or a reimagined supply chain.
  • Achieve the right assortment that takes into account localized variety, private label, and a strategic mix of winning brands and SKUs.
  • Get the right price with a clear strategy for promotion, price transparency, and unit cost protection.
  • Reduce costs by considering the investments needed to fund growth initiatives.
  • Deliver convenience and personalization by understanding and anticipating consumers’ needs.
  • Leverage advanced analytics to improve assortment, pricing, supply chain, operations, and the customer journey.
  • Test and learn in an agile way to maximize customer engagement.
  • Evaluate strategic partnerships or M&A with retail disruptors to elevate your offering.

Digital disruption, channel expansion, new business models, and heightened consumer expectations have made profitable growth that much more challenging—and that was before Covid-19. Re-tooling for the new normal requires a focus on convenience, engaging experiences, loyalty benefits, B2B profit pools, and a more comprehensive—and slicker—value proposition. Our experts are well positioned to help you not only scale the new hurdles—but also leapfrog the competition.

Sector Expertise

Sector Expertise


We help grocery organizations across the industry ensure their strategy both realizes near-term results and positions them to win in the future. 

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Fashion and Luxury

As the preeminent thought leader in fashion and luxury goods we have helped hundreds of companies in every category tailor winning strategies to gain a competitive edge.

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The pace of innovation in the restaurant industry has accelerated. Rapid shifts in consumer behavior and digital technology are forcing companies to reinvent every facet of the business.

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Envision the Future of Retail

Envision the Future of Retail

As retail thought leaders, we’ve always had our fingers on the pulse of the industry’s evolution. In 2011, we helped define the shift from digital retailing to a broader and more dynamic consumer experience: omnichannel retailing. Today, we continue to build on this visionary approach, identifying and shaping key trends—like the pivot to customer-led experiences and the role of data analytics—and then responding with solutions to meet the moment. Our Future of Retail ecosystem encompasses four key areas:

The Consumer Goods Forum 2022

We are proud to be a sponsor at this year’s Consumer Goods Forum Global Summit, working with other industry leaders to renew and reimagine the many opportunities ahead.

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Forge Retail Showcase: Future of Delivery

Join us for our next Showcase event on Wednesday, June 15th 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM ET (Eastern Time) as we speak with industry leaders and insurgents about the latest innovations in delivery technologies.

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