Medical Technology

Medical Technology

For medical technology companies, rapidly shifting market dynamics are changing the formula for sustainable, profitable growth. Bain works alongside medical technology clients to develop and implement game-changing innovations, address evolving customer needs and reduce unnecessary costs and complexity. 

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What We Do

What We Do

Bain works along with global medical technology companies to:

  • Significantly improve your odds of successful M&A with an approach that links acquisition strategy, due diligence and merger integration
  • Refresh how you segment customers and update the segmentation over time dynamically 
  • Develop a strategic vision and near-term roadmap to be best positioned in a digital market
  • Maximize efficiency & align G&A costs with your capabilities to support strategy
  • Reduce complexity throughout the organization to increase productivity and speed of decision making
  • Build flexible commercial models that meet the needs of a diverse and evolving marketplace while simultaneously reducing the cost of sales and strengthening the role of the physician as innovator, advocate and customer
  • Focus on internally and externally sourced innovation through a more productive and efficient R&D model
  • Invest to win, both therapeutically as well as geographically, in remaining new opportunities
  • Use data and analytical assets in new ways to develop proprietary insights and create competitive advantage
  • Win in emerging markets by carefully assessing where to play, creating the right product portfolios and distribution models, and, in many cases, finding the right deal partners
  • Redesign your supply chain in response to changing market dynamics

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Our Perspective

Our Perspective

Much like pharmaceutical companies, medical technology companies face profit pools shifting away from the historically-innovative players to lower-margin sectors. While a few sectors of stability remain, the majority of the medical technology industry’s tried-and-tested formula for success is fundamentally changing. Three trends, in particular, are transforming the way the sector generates value in the largest historical profit pools:

  • The maturing—and slowing—pace and relative differentiation of innovation
  • The diminishing role of physicians in the purchasing process
  • The reduced ability to charge a premium for incremental healthcare product features and benefits

Healthcare reform across the globe is further accelerating these changes. While structural differences exist by category and country, macro trends in developed markets like the US and Europe are similar, such as the increased emphasis on comparative effectiveness, while emerging markets focus on low-cost solutions to improve access.


As the human cost of COVID-19 rises the global pandemic is also sending shockwaves through the world economy. But, across industries and around the world, companies can take important actions now to protect the safety and health of their employees and customers, and mitigate the economic damage.

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