Top Digital Use Cases by Industry

Bain’s research identifies the most useful digital applications, including those that offer the best opportunities for competitive advantage.


Top Digital Use Cases by Industry

Bain’s latest research of nearly 1,200 business leaders across industries identified six behaviors of digital disruptors that are indicators of successful transformations. But while these behaviors may be universal, the most important applications of digital technology differ across industries. To determine which use cases offer the best chances for competitive advantage, Bain’s Digital Maturity Assessment considered two factors.

  • How important is the application? For example, in banking and retail, digital applications in marketing and sales (for example, personalization of services) are more critical, while in industrial manufacturing and utilities, operational scenarios such as supply chain digitization and automation matter more.
  • How much opportunity is there for differentiation? Some use cases, while important, are more commonplace and therefore considered table stakes. For example, in consumer products, e-commerce is very important. But since most companies have solid e-commerce capabilities, the opportunity for competitive advantage is lower.

Understanding which applications are most important in their sector can help companies prioritize investments among those that offer the best opportunities for differentiation.

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