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Mergers and acquisitions in 2021 saw the highest deal value in history. But the overall story for strategic buyers is more complicated. While strategic M&A is on track to reach its highest value in six years, it also accounted for the lowest portion of deal value yet; sponsor, SPAC, and VC deals grew two to five times faster. Strategic deals traded at the highest multiples on record. Alternative deal models, such as partnerships, also grew. Dealmaking shifted back to scale deals as companies sought to strengthen their core business in the wake of Covid-19. To compete, successful companies are expanding their M&A capabilities to address challenges in talent retention, revenue synergies, and ESG value creation.

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M&A Report 2021

As the world locked down and masked up, M&A endured. Bain's third annual Global M&A Report details how companies are using mergers and acquisitions to grow.

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