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Richard Turner

About Richard

How did you get started at Bain?

I’m a T’19 and did my Undergrad at Cambridge in the UK before coming to the States. I joined the Boston office as a Summer Associate in 2018 and liked my team here so much, I joined full time in July.

What do you find most energizing about your work?

The ability to work with clients to see problems in new ways is what gets me energized. I’m always amazed at how different yet equally talented my colleagues are. Collaborating with people with different backgrounds and perspectives pushes me to see patterns and make connections I haven’t seen before.

What are your passions outside of work?

Outside of work, I group my passions into two things:

  1. My family includes my wife, Lizzie and our two young children.
  2. Racket sports since it’s so intertwined with our lives. Lizzie and I met playing squash and our two-year-old daughter recently hit her first tennis ball this summer.

What would you encourage students to do while at business school?

I wish someone had told me before Tuck that it’s okay to focus on what matters to you, and you shouldn’t feel any pressure to do everything when you don’t have time. It’s all about being thoughtful about where you should invest your time.