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Kim Kehrberger Borchert

Partner, Boston

Sobre Kim

Kim Kehrberger Borchert is partner in Bain & Company's Boston office. She is a leader in Bain's Retail and Performance Improvement practices.

She has more than 15 years of management consulting experience, working with senior executives and management teams to address their most pressing strategic issues.

Kim advises leading companies across a range of retail topics including omnichannel supply chain, localization and operating model transformations. She also partners with clients across industries in sourcing and large scale transformations.

Kim formerly served clients in Bain's Johannesburg office, where she worked with government and private-sector companies on growth strategy and organizational design. She also completed an externship with The Bridgespan Group.

Kim earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and graduated from Williams College with a BA in economics and mathematics.

As shipping times for retail products continue to shrink, consumers are also starting to expect higher levels of service.

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