Learning in a Functional Role

Learning in a Functional Role

When you join a team here like finance, marketing, legal, or technology, you’ll have your own established career pathway. You’ll receive formal training, including around how Bain works, and you’ll attend career milestone offsites in cities like Los Angeles or Lisbon. The support here is extensive and at each stage, you’ll work with mentors and sponsors who are invested in your success.

Helpful structure, but also creative freedom

You’ll receive formal training on topics such as team skills, communication, and Bain’s approach to consulting. As a people leader, you’ll also attend a milestone program in a city like Los Angeles or Lisbon. Our training also occurs under an apprenticeship model, meaning you’ll learn from our most senior leaders in your field, and who know what you are facing and how to succeed in the role.  

Beyond that, if you find our training for these roles looks similar to training for all other roles, that’s intentional. We train one team, and share concepts and methods globally, which allows you to collaborate with everyone.

Train for this role, and the next one

Bainie career stories are full of exciting lateral moves, often a direct result of learning and development. Move to a different function, grow to manage teams, or follow your proficiency.