Learning in General Consulting

Learning in General Consulting

Here, you will be given a unique degree of support and depth of resources to continue growing in your career. At key milestones, we'll invite you to join peers in a city like Berlin, Miami or Singapore for up to five-day offsites where you train with our highest performers. Day-to-day, you’ll have access to sessions, one-on-one coaching from a mentor, and personalized learning pathways. It’s an exciting mix of structure and freedom that will allow you to build your analytical and people leadership skills.

We invest heavily in your growth

At Bain, you can follow a well-established career roadmap from associate consultant into leadership. But you’ll also have the freedom to chart your own path. Your mentor will help you identify your areas of brilliance, and you’ll have access to our personalized online learning platform to expand your repertoire. 

Beyond that foundation, three other things make the training here unique. One, we hold global learning offsites, where you’ll gather in cities like Berlin, Miami or Singapore to learn new client management, communication, and commercial skills. Two, you’ll mentor under people who’ve had your title and done the work. And three, we train as one team to share concepts and models to help the entire organization collaborate with one work language. This helps us team effectively and makes for a higher quality consultant learning experience.

Hear from consultants who succeeded thanks to training

What makes learning at Bain powerful is it’s led by senior leaders and partners, many of whom began as associates and can draw upon firsthand knowledge. They pay forward the rich mentorship they themselves received.