Innovation & Design

Innovation & Design

Join a team of innovation consultants, designers, and engineers who help our clients turn problems into new businesses. Wherever companies need to launch new ventures, reimagine their user experience, and build digital offerings, they’ll turn to you—and you’ll help them craft products and services. It’s entrepreneurship, it’s design, it's product development, and it's engineering. It’s a unique opportunity to see and shape the world.

Everyone here is an entrepreneur at heart

Most of the people on this team have played a key role at a startup, innovation lab, or venture-backed company. Each is an entrepreneur—which we believe is as much a mindset as it is a title. Together we help our clients embrace the future, abandon old patterns, conceive new realities, and tell visual stories. As part of this team, you’ll gather a dozen new skills and just as many mentors. 

This type of work has also never been more important. Many CEOs believe half of all revenue growth will soon come from products and businesses that don’t yet exist. We're the team that dreams them into being.  

What our people love about working on this team

Webinars for tech enthusiasts and innovators

Our Technology & Engineering webinars offer a peek into what it's like to work at Bain. You'll discover the diversity of our capabilities, meet the builders of our teams, and explore the spectrum of technology and engineering opportunities.

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