Product, Practice, & Knowledge (PPK)

Product, Practice, & Knowledge (PPK)

Bain's consulting business relies heavily on gathering and sharing knowledge, and we're the team most responsible for making that happen. We capture completed client work, codify the lessons, and distribute that knowledge to better help our consulting staff serve our clients. If you love organizing and helping others deliver world class insights, this is the team for you.

We look for curious intellectuals who love to help others learn

We help Bain scale the incredible results from one client to all clients by capturing and commercializing internal knowledge. There’s a lot that goes into that. We have a global team with people who specialize in a variety of pieces of that process such as capturing client case knowledge, managing the knowledge base, and being a strategic partner to case teams to surface the right information and patterns to clients. More senior people on this team help develop unique perspectives and insight around these products, and create go-to-market strategies for them. 

In a very real way, we co-create Bain’s perspectives and intellectual property so the firm can continuously improve. We’re the keepers of all the stories about what worked last time. Most individuals on this team have some experience or exposure to consulting, research, analysis, knowledge management, strategic planning, business development, and related fields. But if you think you have a talent for making ideas shareable, let’s talk. 

What our people love about working on this team

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