Research & Data Services

Research & Data Services

We’re Bain’s guardians of external data. Whenever case teams or leaders must know the size of a particular market, or need a sudden, specific understanding of the strength of a pharma company’s pipeline, they turn to us, and we turn to our vast portfolio of tools, methods, and data providers. If you like to research for a purpose, this might be the team for you.

We look for people who combine a love of research with business acumen

We act as Bain’s portal to the external world of data and insights. We conduct secondary research to discover, distill, and present information to help case teams—our primary client—answer pressing questions. We each have deep knowledge in specific, specialized areas, but also a wide awareness of what other data might exist, and where to look.  

This team is global and we support each other through a collaborative network of research teams. We operate out of several dozen locations and are in perpetual communication with one another. While we don’t consult clients directly, we do mix a love of pursuing knowledge with a practical knack for supporting Bain’s commercial aims.  

What’s particularly exciting about this team is how fast the discipline of research is changing. You’ll be working at the forefront of artificial intelligence-augmented research as we experiment with large language models, chatbots, and new interfaces. 

What our people love about working on this team

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