Technology Solutions Group (TSG)

Technology Solutions Group (TSG)

This team considers the full spectrum of people, tech, and process to help others at Bain achieve their goals. We aim to understand our partners in the business so well that our proposed architectures, apps, and automations really do improve their work lives. If you’re the sort of person who embraces change, who has an entrepreneurial spirit, and who friends and family still call for tech advice, this might be a great team for you.

We look for empathetic self-starters and team players

This global team stewards some of the company’s most crucial workflows like lead to cash and hire to retire, and services like contract negotiation, capacity planning, and cybersecurity. Our guiding principle is that people are our number one asset, so we spend a lot of effort helping our talent teams make Bain a destination for smart, curious people. 

We own all the business systems, support Bain’s data products, work in Agile, and encourage our team members to think like entrepreneurs. And because clever IT people can come from anywhere, we hire for skills, not degrees. We’re curious what you can build, not what you studied, and you’ll find plenty of training and support here. 

What our people love about working on this team

Webinars for tech enthusiasts and innovators

Our Technology & Engineering webinars offer a peek into what it's like to work at Bain. You'll discover the diversity of our capabilities, meet the builders of our teams, and explore the spectrum of technology and engineering opportunities.

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