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Pricing and Promotions

A pricing and promotions strategy is only as powerful as its alignment with your value proposition and brand. Our Promotions Accelerator helps drive profitability by combining data-driven analysis and strategy to deliver lasting impact.

Pricing and Promotions

Despite being integral to sales and marketing, promotions often fall short of desired outcomes, either in terms of profitability or customer-perceived value. At the same time, it has never been easier for consumers to price shop. As a business leader, this may leave you wondering where pricing and promotions fit into your customer value proposition--and how you can use both to maximize ROI.

Promotions Accelerator provides the answer, offering a holistic view of promotions that simplifies decision-making. Powered by the latest machine learning models, the tool adapts to your needs based on individual products, customers, and market position. It’s intuitive, easy to implement, highly customizable, and designed with the front-line processes of category managers, buyers, and merchandisers in mind.

The result: enthusiastic, long-term adoption of a powerful approach that helps you promote the right products, with the right price, at the right time.

What to Expect

What to Expect

Statistical analysis suggests that creating positive price perceptions is the single most important pricing capability for retailers, by a factor of more than 2x. Other key capabilities include:

  • A plan to deal with disruptive forces
  • Tailoring your prices to channels and localities
  • The tools and processes needed to deliver dynamic pricing
  • Executing and tracking promotions’ ROI

We address these issues with our B2C Pricing Capability X-Ray, an online assessment tool that measures your company’s pricing capabilities across more than 30 dimensions. It reveals strengths and development opportunities, allowing us to tailor a pricing strategy. 

Our expertise extends to the sector-specific dynamics that affect retail pricing. In grocery, for example, we evaluate active inventory management and markdowns, promotional activities driven by supplier funding, and many other considerations. In restaurants, we help clients match pricing strategy to menu strategy, factor in the impact of promotions, optimize menu prices, and much more.

We support our retail pricing expertise with a rich set of analytic and diagnostic tools, such as Promotions Accelerator, so you can use data to shape price perception in a positive direction.

Only 11% of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies meet our definition of top performers—those that have gained market share in the last two years and strongly agree that their companies make excellent pricing decisions.

What separates top performers? Research shows they excel on a key element of pricing strategy: price pack architecture. They are also strong in dynamic pricing and data analytics, and have well-designed operating models characterized by clear roles and decision rights.

Our B2C pricing framework addresses all those elements, helping FMCG companies navigate e-commerce disruption, build greater customer loyalty, and respond effectively to changing market conditions. Further, by offering real-time access to pricing scenarios, Promotions Accelerator allows consumer goods companies to fine-tune SKUs to best meet business needs.

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