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Bain Southeast Asia

SEA Recruiting

SEA Recruiting

Bain consultants discussing case interviews
SEA Recruiting

Achieve the Extraordinary with Us

Achieve the Extraordinary with Us

Bain & Company is one of the world's leading management consulting firms. We work with top executives to help them make better decisions, convert those decisions to actions and deliver the sustainable success they desire.

Our success is simple — we hire immensely talented people and give them everything they could possibly need to be brilliant at what they do. Bain people are dynamic, entrepreneurial and thrive on early responsibility. We are looking for Bachelors, Masters, MBA and PhD students from any discipline or university, and experienced professionals to join us. Our ideal candidate will demonstrate excellent academics, strong analytical and communication skills, initiative, leadership and teamwork.

What you will expect
  • Own analytical pieces of work including identifying information sources, gathering and interpreting data, executing analysis and presenting findings to case team members and client stakeholders
  • Work in all aspects of our end-to-end client advisory process and lead your own workstream
  • Develop plans that solve clients' problems, execute analysis and translate data into meaningful insights and recommendations

Recruitment Process

Candidates invited to our interview process can expect two to three rounds of interviews. Our case interviews are based on actual client work and provide a great opportunity for us to see how you approach problems.

Our problems are not designed to be brainteasers or theoretical problems designed to stump you, but rather reflect the challenges our clients face. We love this format because we get to discuss cases based on our client work.

Our Offices

Our Offices

We work conjointly across all our offices in South East Asia, allowing us to operate with a regional staffing model that enables our consultants to work on cases across the region. As a result, we build deep, meaningful relationships with clients and case teams regionally.


Since opening our Bangkok office in 2010, we’ve grown significantly over the years. We understand the complexities and challenges faced by business operations in Southeast Asia, and our diverse team of 10+ nationalities, skillsets and industry experience allows us to bring a wide range of expertise to each client.


Founded in 2013, our office serves a diverse range of enterprises in the region including energy, financial services, consumer products, retail, telecommunications, and private equity sectors.

Our office is also proud to deliver the same values we bring to our clients to our communities. Through our social impact initiatives, we’ve partnered with various organizations for pro-bono consulting work, this includes Endeavour Indonesia, YCAB Ventures and annual fundraising activity for Yayasan Tangan Pengharapan.


Since opening our doors in 2010, we have served some of the largest corporate clients in Malaysia and Southeast Asia across multiple industries including telecom, energy, consumer products, private equity, healthcare and financial services.

We seek to deliver clear values to our communities beyond what we deliver to our clients through our social impact work. Throughout the years we have worked with non-governmental organizations including WWF Malaysia, Teach for Malaysia and Endeavour.

Learn about our work with Teach for Malaysia where we launched a Distance Learning Initiative to support home-based learning during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are excited to have just launched the Manila office in 2021. Over the years we have worked with numerous multinationals and local conglomerates across a wide range of sectors, including financial services, consumer products, agriculture and telecoms amongst others.

We strongly believe in the growth potential of the country and how we can help companies grow their presence in the Philippines, and in the process unlock value to the country and its people. We are looking forward to growing our presence in Manila and actively contributing to the development of the Philippines.


We officially opened our first SEA office in 1993 and have grown significantly over the years. We have a strong leadership team of 30+ partners with deep expertise across a wide range of industries, including financial services, consumer products, retail, private equity, healthcare, digital, technology amongst others.

We seek to drive real impact and change in the world and strive to add value to companies. For example, for the past 2 years, we collaborated with Google & Temasek to launch the e-Conomy SEA report. In addition, to support companies’ efforts to walk their path toward sustainability, we also launch our Global Sustainability Innovation Center.


Hear from Us

Hear from Us

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You have questions? We have answers

  • When is the best time to apply for a role at Bain & Company Southeast Asia?

    We accept applications all year round and review candidates on a rolling basis for experienced professional candidates.

    For those candidates who have graduated or yet to graduate, from an undergraduate or Masters’ degree with no prior professional experience, please apply during our AC campaign that takes place between February-March every year and MBA campaign that takes place between February-March every year, or refer to our website for specific campus deadlines

  • How do start dates work at Bain for experienced hires?

    Whilst we recruit all year round, we have set 4-5 start dates for our Associate Consultant and Consultant roles. We can interview at any point prior or after these dates, and will work with you to land on an appropriate start date.

  • I’m not based in Southeast Asia, can I still apply to the SEA offices?

    Yes, you can apply to our Southeast Asia offices. We look for a strong connection and/or interest in Southeast Asia. As there are varying work authorization regulations and/or language requirements across our Southeast Asia offices, it would be helpful if you could disclose in your application any need for supporting work authorization so we can reach out to discuss it with you.

  • What is the application timeline that I can expect?

    For campus candidates, as we have different applications for different schools, the deadlines can be found here. Do note that we only begin to review applications after the application deadline. If your school is not listed, please reach out to the recruiting team so we can better advise you on the application deadline.

    For graduate candidates (including Master and PhD students) and working professionals, Bain SEA does not have set interview dates so the Recruitment Team will work with each candidate to organize a mutually convenient time for the interviews to take place.

  • Will I be able to re-apply if I was not shortlisted for an interview?

    Yes, you may re-apply but we will ask that you refrain from doing so until at least 12 months has passed, in line with our global approach to recruiting.

  • How does Bain’s Southeast Asia staffing model work?

    Our staffing team actively works with our consultants to identify appropriate project opportunities across Southeast Asia based on professional development needs, topics of interest and Bain’s business needs. However, there are a number of opportunities available for our consultants to work outside of SEA including but not limited to case demand transfers, experience share transfers, and short and long-term transfers.

    During your time at Bain, you will build a broader global network through collaborations and global training programs, which will naturally open the door to global mobility if that’s something desired as part of your Bain experience.

  • What type of cases can I expect to work on?

    We are driven by a bold ambition to create an extraordinary impact for our clients and communities, which means that you will solve transformation challenges for industry leaders and disruptions.

    You can expect to collaborate with a network of digital innovators to produce breakthrough thinking and help our clients achieve extraordinary and enduring success.

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