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Digital Bulletin Highlights Bain & Company’s Automation Practice

Automation will utterly transform the nature of work globally, altering the operating models and organizational structures of companies in every single industry.

That’s the message delivered by Ted Shelton, our Expert Partner for Automation and Digital Innovation, in the March 2021 edition of Digital Bulletin. The article examines our firm’s role in helping companies embrace these changes or else risk getting left behind.

“The C-suite really needs to think through the business issues even more importantly than thinking through the technology issues,” Shelton says in a video accompanying the article. “Every part of every business is going to be impacted by these tools and automation becomes a way to be able to insert the insights we get from these artificial intelligence tools into business processes.”

The article highlights our firm’s partnerships with UiPath, a robotic process automation (RPA) company, and with FortressIQ, the automated process discovery platform. It also cites research from our 2018 report, Labor 2030: The Collision of Demographics, Automation, and Inequality,

Shelton, based in our Silicon Valley office, recommends the leaders considering automation solutions apply what he calls a “three-lens approach” to redesigning business processes, placing business processes in three categories: simplify, eliminate, and automate.

“What automation does is complement the people in doing that work,” he says. “That’s the major strategic difference in the way we’re going to think about work going forward.”


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