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Keeping the Founder's Mentality Flame Alive at Fullerton Health

David Sin discusses how investing in and working with founder-led companies helps create a strong sense of Founder's Mentality® at Fullerton Health.


Keeping the Founder's Mentality Flame Alive at Fullerton Health

Working with founder-led companies can involve some compromising in order to achieve mutual management goals. Fullerton Health Cofounder, Group President and Deputy Chairman David Sin explains some of the adjustments the group made when it integrated founder-led companies within its network.

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DAVID SIN: At Fullerton Health, we've acquired and invested in more than 35 founder-led businesses over the last five years. The challenge of integrating, as well as putting form and structure to founder-led businesses, in itself is exciting. First and foremost, founder-led businesses by nature are dynamic, fast in decision making, and very often does not follow the flow of the mainstream.

In order for us to integrate and successfully merge these founder-led businesses into Fullerton Health, we've had to consider the following. We've had to be empathetic to the founders that have since joined us. We've also had to augment and change the way we address problems and issues at the group level. We've also had to amend the form and structure to accommodate these founder-led businesses that continue to thrive in the Fullerton Health system.

The biggest joy that comes to me of having worked at all of these founder-led businesses of the last five years is really the opportunity to learn. It's always very humbling when we meet a 65-year-old founder of a business that we acquired, and he shares with us his journey of the last 35 years or 25 years. In addition to learning from the various founders of the businesses that we've acquired, I think the biggest opportunity for us is to keep the flame of the founder mentality burning.

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