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Merritt Robinson


About Merritt

How did you end up working at Bain? 

I have always focused on the interplay between creative methodologies and more analytic, problem-solving ones. I entered the workforce as a designer right when larger businesses saw design thinking as a shiny new tool. I spent a number of years getting close to users and customers to understand their unmet needs and build products that delivered on them. But I realized that while I was confident in that skillset, I wasn’t going to be successful at bringing those designs to life unless I understood the business side. So, I went back for my MBA and spent the next decade looking at how to integrate design toolkits with business strategy toolkits.  

Now, I’m focused on bringing design into the room wherever decisions are being made. I want to deploy that way of thinking about the world against difficult business challenges and opportunities.  

How has inclusivity played a role in your Bain experience?  

As a leader who’s growing my team, I’ve been amazed at the support I receive in hiring folks with different lived experiences. From welcoming different ways of working to helping with visas and immigration, I’ve been able to consider any candidate and build a truly multidisciplinary team. I’ve only ever experienced support, which I feel is very uncommon.  

Why Bain?  

I came to Bain for a number of reasons. First was the opportunity to be part of business strategy at the highest level. The clients we get to work with, the challenges they face, the businesses they have built, the kinds of companies we get to work with, are just unparalleled. For me as a designer, I saw a chance to bring that design toolkit into that decision-making process. It's powerful, exciting, and challenging in all the ways you’d want for your career.  

The second reason was the culture and the people. Bain has a rigorous interview process which gives you opportunities to meet many people. I was impressed by how long people stayed in their roles and how excited about Bain they were. 

Are you part of any affinity groups?  

I’m a member of Women at Bain and Diverse Abilities at Bain (I have multiple sclerosis). The affinity groups are great and really do make you feel like you’re sharing an experience that Bain celebrates. But what's been most impactful for me is the embedded support. Whether it’s sponsorship from leaders or the great medical benefits, the business celebrates who I am so I can deliver my best work every day.  

What should candidates know?  

Bain is a very respectful and thoughtful work environment. Consulting can be demanding, but the collaboration at Bain makes it a great experience.

Merritt's Career Story

"I'm focused on bringing design into the rooms where decisions are made"