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Press release

ALM Intelligence recognizes Bain & Company as digital ‘pacesetter’ in 2022-2023 report

ALM Intelligence recognizes Bain & Company as digital ‘pacesetter’ in 2022-2023 report

‘For Bain, digital transformation is not a stand-alone service’

  • noviembre 18, 2022
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Press release

ALM Intelligence recognizes Bain & Company as digital ‘pacesetter’ in 2022-2023 report

BOSTON—November 18, 2022—Bain & Company, a global management consulting firm, has been recognized as a digital “pacesetter” in ALM Intelligence’s (ALM) 2022 – 2023 report: "Digital Transformation & Digital Services." Pacesetters, according to ALM, are market leaders who effectively connect the dots between technology, process, and people, to deliver outstanding client outcomes.

“At Bain, we have the technical capabilities necessary to help accelerate our clients’ digital transformations,” said Arpan Sheth, global leader of Vector℠, Bain’s digital delivery platform. “Our ability to co-create across hybrid strategy consulting and technical teams enables us to provide services that are best-tailored to meet the needs of our clients, as well as the needs of their customers. It is this kind of cross-collaboration that allows organizations to fully focus on customer and business-centric outcomes.”

Vector has advised on more than 6,700 digital projects across industries around the world, delivering end-to-end capabilities in advanced analytics, innovation & design, software engineering and enterprise technology. As reported by ALM, “for Bain, digital transformation is not a stand-alone service line, it is a competency that permeates all of Bain’s offerings, reportedly impacting 70% of Bain’s projects.” Vector does this by embedding technical experts within Bain’s consulting teams, working as one joint team to help clients solve some of their biggest challenges. Nearly all of Bain’s offices include Vector team members, employing more than 1,000 technical experts globally, spanning data scientists, ML experts, engineers, marketing scientists, designers, product managers and beyond.

Vector has also built a best-of-breed partner ecosystem, with over 700 partners, that provide ongoing access to complementary and cutting-edge capabilities. According to ALM this “allows Bain to play the platform / system-agnostic partner for clients,” ensuring clients are able to use the best technology platforms for each individual situation. 

When engaging with clients on digital transformation, Bain places a substantial emphasis on co-creation, working side-by-side with clients to ensure the transfer of digital capabilities and technical expertise. As reported by ALM, this “successfully ensures the client is fully capable of independently operating and driving the digital innovation Bain has developed with them.” Additionally, Bain has 13 global digital innovation hubs where clients can explore disruption, cutting-edge technologies and conduct multi-day design sprints to accelerate their digital ambition.

Our research shows nearly 80% of companies that are considered ‘digital disrupters’ gained market share over the last two years,” said Rasmus Wegener, the Vector Digital practice leader in the Americas. “Our distinct approach integrates strategy with technical expertise, helping our clients focus their digital investments on critical strategic use cases, generate buy-in from across the business and upskill their entire workforce on digital methods, ultimately setting our clients up for long-term success.” 

The full report is available for download here.


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