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Sales Management

Even the best commercial strategies won’t get results if the front line can’t execute. We help you hire, train, and motivate sales teams that deliver an outstanding performance.

Sales Management

Every sales organization has high performers and average performers. But in our experience, a big part of that gap can be closed through teachable behavior changes. Learn how we identify and teach those behaviors.

What to Expect

What to Expect

Many a company has changed its commercial strategy to little effect, or reorganized its salesforce without the expected results. To achieve a real impact, you need the front line to execute. That means installing the right talent, instilling the right behaviors, and motivating people with the proper rewards. We can show you how.

Superior sales teams begin with talent. We’ll help create a data-driven profile of the set of people who’ll accomplish your strategy. And we’ll show you how to develop, recruit, or reassign your people to ensure you have the right skills in the right places.

Using hard data and industry-specific best practices, we’ll help you identify the behaviors that differentiate high performers, then gain adoption of them throughout your sales organization. And we’ll help your managers become better coaches, so your people improve faster.

Finally, we’ll help you design an integrated compensation plan that will better motivate your reps and managers in alignment with your strategy. We’ll benchmark your current plan and help you deploy programs that align payouts with performance. Our comprehensive testing program will give you a full understanding of the impact the new plan will have on your people before you roll it out.

Whether you’re trying to maintain a leadership position, gain ground on competitors, integrate an acquisition or, in the case of private equity companies, conducting a postacquisition assessment, we can show you how to get the most from your frontline sales teams.


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