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Beyond the Bio Podcast

How Belonging, Support, and Trust Impacts Our Careers

Easton Dickson, our Global Treasurer and co-chair of Americas Black at Bain, is dedicated to the financial health of the firm and creating a supportive environment for his colleagues. Join us as Easton shares his journey from Jamaica to leading in Bain Boston, a path he attributes to wisdom from his loved ones, taking on challenges and his affinity to ensuring members at Bain have a sense of belonging, support and trust.


How Belonging, Support, and Trust Impacts Our Careers

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Easton Dickson’s journey of becoming Global Treasurer and Co-Chair of our Black at Bain affinity group was marked with self-determination and timely advice. Born and raised in Jamaica, Easton cherishes this part of his heritage while recounting the many stepping stones that brought him to Bain Boston.

Easton's interest in management and finance was sparked by a high school teacher's advice, setting him on a path that would shape his career. Throughout his journey, Easton consistently made decisions that challenged and boosted his professional growth. He gained experience at a renowned consumer products company and spent time at another consulting firm before joining Bain in 2014.

Now, as Global Treasurer, he is focused on aligning with the firm's strategies and providing support, training, and coaching to Bain’s broader finance team. In addition to this work, Easton leads as Black at Bain’s Americas Co-Chair with Brittany Matthews, where he is committed to creating an inclusive environment for Bain employees in all areas of the business. Join us to hear Easton’s inspiring journey and his plans for Black at Bain.


Beyond the Bio Podcast

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