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Biometric Tools

Biometric tools can recognize an individual's unique characteristics—his or her fingerprints, face, eyes, voice, scent or even DNA—to perform functions such as reliable user authentication. Biometric tool adoption is growing rapidly as companies look to provide a "walkthrough" customer experience that's frictionless, personalized and secure. These tools can improve the customer experience while reducing cost, fraud and complexity.

How companies use biometric tools 

  • Purchases. Retailers use biometric tools, such as facial recognition, to power automatic checkout features. As technology continues to advance, retailers will be able to collect the same shopper-level data in-store that they currently collect online, enabling personalized experiences and tailored offerings.
  • Financial transactions. Banks are using biometric technology, such as ATMs that can scan a user’s fingerprints, to speed transactions and prevent fraud.
  • Airport security. Used from check-in to boarding, biometric tools can provide a quick and seamless customer experience and reduce the need for personnel.
  • Next-generation customer care. Voice recognition can give chatbots or representatives all the customer information they need to provide service.

Key considerations with biometric tools

When deploying biometric tools, companies should keep these best practices in mind:

  • Assess data sensitivity. Biometric technology captures extremely sensitive data, so it’s essential to evaluate the risks of existing (and future) systems and identify any necessary security enhancements.
  • Transfer and store data securely. Security and privacy protection are critical when transferring data from biometric hardware to storage equipment.
  • Test and learn. Leading companies start with small pilots to weed out bugs, minimize failure risk and make sure their efforts yield meaningful improvements.
  • Authentication
  • Next-generation contact centers
  • Artificial intelligence

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