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Dry Powder: The Private Equity Podcast

For Your Ears Only: Bain's Private Equity Report in Brief

Get the long story short in the latest episode of our Dry Powder podcast.


For Your Ears Only: Bain's Private Equity Report in Brief

Our annual Global Private Equity Report was published today. It’s a rich and deep examination of where the private equity industry is headed—so where should you begin?

Today on the show, we’ll offer quick, deep dives into some of what we consider the indispensable insights from our 2020 report, specifically: 

How are PE firms navigating the frothy enthusiasm for tech? Which subsectors are drawing considerable sums of capital, and which are ripe for takeover strategies?  How can the industry get ahead of ESG standards? How can a better understanding of pricing enhance the value of your deal?

Finally, we’ll consider a startling inflection point: What does it mean when public market returns exceed private market returns for the first time ever? 

We’ll cover all of that and more in this week’s episode of Dry Powder.


The Private Equity Podcast

In our podcast series, Bain's Hugh MacArthur interviews leading experts on the trends and opportunities that will redefine the private equity industry.

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