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Private Equity Investors Flock to Healthcare Assets as a Safe Haven

Competition for assets intensifies, pushing prices higher.

  • mayo 21, 2019

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Private Equity Investors Flock to Healthcare Assets as a Safe Haven

In the face of growing economic and sociopolitical instability across the globe, healthcare’s sturdy fundamentals and track record of strong performance were a beacon for investors seeking a safe haven. Disclosed deal value surged almost 50% to $63.1 billion in 2018, and deal count rose almost 20% to 316 transactions. Investors made a mark with 18 deals greater than $1 billion each in disclosed value. Looking ahead, the likelihood of a recession will be palpable throughout 2019, and political uncertainty may prevail. However, healthcare markets have proven resilient through such storms in the past, and investor demand for these fundamentally strong, recession-resistant assets likely will endure.

Nirad Jain and Kara Murphy are partners with Bain & Company and coleaders of the firm’s Healthcare Private Equity team.

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