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Retail Holiday Newsletter

How Shoppers Are Spending This Holiday Season

Retail sales are up as US consumers embrace online shopping and shift spending from travel, restaurants and gasoline.


How Shoppers Are Spending This Holiday Season
  • Notes

    Bain defines US retail sales as unadjusted in-store and nonstore (e-commerce and mail order), excluding sales by auto and auto parts dealers, gas stations and restaurants.

    Respondents of Bain Consumer Holiday Survey were asked about retail shopping habits in November, excluding grocery. Respondents of Bain US Covid-19 Consumer/Shopping Survey were asked about grocery shopping habits in October.

    The average number of unique stores and frequency of shopping trips are a weighted average.

    Year-over-year growth of monthly visitors aggregates “monthly active users” for apps and “monthly unique visitors” for browsers for top 20 retailers in each platform.

Future releases

We hope that you enjoy the rest of the holiday season. We’ll be back in the new year with our final issue of the series, “Bain’s Holiday Recap and Resolutions for 2021.”

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