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Dry Powder: The Private Equity Podcast

The 2022 Global Private Equity Report: Three Essential Trends

We consider the intensifying competition for tech, the rise of growth equity investing, and the importance of sector expertise.


The 2022 Global Private Equity Report: Three Essential Trends

Bain’s industry-leading private equity report covers a lot of ground, but today on Dry Powder, we’ll focus on three trends that are top of mind for many of our clients. (Our Market Overview episode is also available now.)

First, private investments in software and tech have exploded to become the industry’s dominant area of focus. Second, growth investing has rapidly emerged as one of private equity’s most dynamic segments. And third, the critical importance of sector expertise is driving firms to assess where they have a differentiated right to win.

Today on the show, we’ll consider how private equity firms are capitalizing on these trends as they move into 2022.


Global Private Equity Report 2022

Bain's Global Private Equity Report examines the industry’s strengths, its challenges, and the evolutionary path that lies ahead.


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