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Alison Dowdney


Acerca de Alison

How did you end up working at Bain?  

After a 10-month break from tech, I was reaching out to my network to see what jobs were available. One of my old bosses was then at Bain and replied that there might be a role for me. I was open to the idea but initially, didn’t know what Bain did. The interviews changed that. I grew more and more excited as I learned it was a chance to work on lots of different projects and with exciting technologies. I realized it was too good of an opportunity to miss. 

What else helped in your decision? 

I chose Bain because I wanted a new challenge and an opportunity to work on interesting projects and the latest cloud-native and AI technologies. I also really liked how fast-paced the work is, and the variety. It’s also a great change of pace, going from tech to a large consulting firm. 

How have you felt supported?  

Honestly, with all the onboardings and social events I really feel like I belong after only joining one month ago. I’m excited to be staffed on projects! 

La trayectoria profesional de Alison

"I realized it was too good of an opportunity to miss.”