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Acerca de Ekshvaku

I joined the Bain Capability Network (BCN) in 2006 as an analyst and have thoroughly enjoyed my journey over the years. I currently head the Procurement Center of Excellence and the Zero-Based Budgeting Center of Excellence.

During my stint at the BCN, I've been a trainer for Bain’s Global Associate Consultant Training program in Boston, as well as for the analyst training program at the BCN. I've also represented the BCN at global and regional leadership meetings across the world. I've worked in Kuala Lumpur, supporting a growth strategy case for a leading multinational bank. I also played a lead role on one of the first procurement cases at Bain during my transfer to Los Angeles, streamlining the procurement organization for a leading electricity distribution company.

"Bain is a place for people looking forward to rapid career growth, with exciting new challenges every day. Working with smart and truly inspiring people across the globe has kept me going for these dozen years!"

I've led the undergraduate recruitment program for the BCN for three consecutive years. In 2017, I spearheaded the BCN offsite—an annual office-wide, off-property event—from conceptualizing the program to planning and executing the three-day event with my team. I also represented the 2007 Asia-Pacific team at the Bain World Cup in Madrid.

Prior to joining the BCN, I worked as a business analyst and completed my MBA in marketing and finance at Jamia Millia Islamia in Delhi after studying mechanical engineering as an undergraduate.