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Melody Xiong


Acerca de Melody

How’d you end up working at Bain?

I’m originally from mainland China and now work in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I graduated with a bachelor’s in economics and my first job was in an export company. That was the first time I encountered someone whose mother tongue was English. I thought, “I should practice more English.” That eventually led me to join an international US company, partially for the exposure to the language and other cultures.  

I spent four years as an assistant at a global leading investment bank and that’s where my career began to take shape. For the first time I found real progress in my work and started getting more serious about it. My manager at the time told me, “Working as an assistant to leadership is standing on a giant’s shoulders—you get to see a lot,” and that is so true. I now see how much the work I do contributes to helping clients define the future. I just keep learning as much as I can and believe the best comes when you least expect it. 

How is the culture?  

We have great people here, great leadership, and an excellent working culture. I think because of that, we’re always ready for the future. And thanks to the diversity and inclusivity that Bain upholds, I’d say we feel we are working in a very caring and loving environment. Everyone is supported and respected and we feel we are one team—one Bain.  

What’s a project you’re most proud of? 

Last year I was involved in a __ client case. I'm very proud that I scheduled so many meetings for my boss, internally and externally, and it really contributed to the success of the case. I’m always happy to assist others and I see their success as my own success. I get a real sense of achievement from that.  

La trayectoria profesional de Melody

“We have great people here, great leadership, and an excellent working culture”