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Xolani Mabaso


Acerca de Xolani

What was it like returning to Bain? 

The major factor in my return was coming back to the culture of the Johannesburg office. I’d stayed in touch with the finance team even while away, which I cherished. It was very easy for me to say yes to returning because I knew it was so warm and friendly. Once back, it felt like I was never away.  

Also, my experience is very different for having spent time away because it gave me new perspective. I had the opportunity to reflect on things I had experienced and how they impacted me. I also gained a new appreciation for the people, places, and things I had left behind. Leaving helped me develop a greater understanding of myself and my world. 

What have Bain’s affinity groups meant to you? 

If it wasn’t for all the effort Bain puts into diversity, equity, and inclusion, it wouldn’t be possible to achieve such great diversity in the office. You wouldn’t have so many people from different countries. That has been a great achievement, I think.  

My experience as a member of the Blacks at Bain South Africa (BABSA) affinity group has also been very positive. I have been able to form meaningful relationships with other members and the workshops have been informative, inspiring, and empowering. Plus, the group provides a supportive environment to learn and discuss solutions to common issues. I highly recommend joining.  

What should candidates know?  

Candidates should know that the company culture is one of openness and collaboration. Everyone is encouraged to contribute ideas and be creative. The company values hard work and dedication, and they reward employees who go the extra mile. The work environment is one of respect, and you can expect others to support you in your goals.

La trayectoria profesional de Xolani

Xolani transitioned from finance to talent, and now works in diversity, equity, & inclusion (DEI).