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Customers are more demanding. Business boundaries are more dynamic. Sustainability is now an imperative. And digital is everywhere. To keep pace amid these seismic shifts you must be able to innovate. And scale. Again and again. Yet many organizations struggle to adopt the “today-forward, future-back” mindset essential to sustained innovation.

We help our clients envision the future, map the best path to get there, and build the organizational muscles that support repeatable success. The key tenets of our approach are:

  • Customer first: Innovation should be grounded in empathy and human-centric design principles. We “wrote the book” on NPS® and infuse customer-centricity into product and experience innovation and new ventures.
  • Speed: Agile and rapid prototyping are just some of the ways to accelerate progress. We help your organization embrace new ways of working that reflect the pace of external change.
  • Experimentation: A “fail fast” test and learn mindset is critical. We help you develop the feedback mechanisms, risk assessment tools, and testing functions that enable systematic experimentation.
  • Scale: The scale insurgent is the Firm of the Future. We help you manifest a Founder’s Mentality® and build a repeatable approach to effective business building.
  • Capability Building: We declare success only when you can do this again and again…without us. We co-create with you at every step, from innovation strategy through ideation, validation and launch.  We also help you upskill your teams, build your innovation environment (culture, ways of working), and codify a playbook for cross-functional delivery of your innovation agenda.

We do all this with tightly integrated teams comprising cross-discipline innovation specialists and industry experts, including strategists and generalist consultants, researchers, product designers, full-stack engineers, product managers, start-up minds and VC veterans.

We complement this in-house industry and functional expertise with the support of our innovation exchangepartnership ecosystemin-house digital solutions, and expert advisor network, who we collaborate and co-create with in our 13 Digital Innovation Hubs and our 59 global offices.

Innovation is not an event or a single, Big Bang project; it must be repeatable and sustainable. Our integrated teams and approach can help you become the disruptor, not the disrupted.

Innovation Offerings

Innovation Offerings

Holistic support for your innovation agenda

Innovation Strategy

How can you build your innovation agenda and mobilize at speed despite enormous uncertainty? Bain Radar 360 Strategy® provides the answer. Our unique "Today Forward, Future Back" approach enables you to create value now as you innovate toward your future vision, with the flexibility to adapt as scenarios change. We’ll help you choreograph your innovation agenda against your transformation journey, as you bring your core to full potential and build new growth engines.

Learn more about Radar 360 Strategy

Product & Experience Innovation

Business models, customer behaviors, technologies, competitors, and more: every facet of your business is changing. Our Advanced Digital & Product Team (ADAPT) is a deep bench of technologists, designers, engineers and digital leaders places intense focused on propelling growth through product and experience innovation. With obsessive focus on the needs of users and test-and-learn methodologies, we co-create with you while transferring the skills your teams need to do it again and again.

Learn more about ADAPT

New Ventures

Executive teams and boards know that innovation is critical, to reinvent core business models in the face of disruption, or open up new lines of business. But new corporate ventures often fail to achieve a fraction of their potential. Launchpad can propel you past common pitfalls, arming your organization with the confidence and capabilities for repeatable innovation.

Learn more about Launchpad

Innovation Exchange

Before you can embrace innovation you need to spot it; that’s what Bain Innovation Exchange® is all about. We’ve created an extraordinary community of start-ups, venture capital firms, and change-makers, all of whom work together to accelerate technology development, investment and commercialization.

Learn more about Bain Innovation Exchange

Partnership Ecosystem

Bain’s expertise and experience are complemented by the Bain Alliance Ecosystem, an expanding network of best-of-breed technology partners and thought leaders who provide specialized services and capabilities, ensuring that the solutions we provide incorporate the latest advances. 

Learn more about our Partnership Ecosystem


Whether an urgent need to improve financial performance or a desire to reinvent your business to stay ahead, sometimes only a bold, comprehensive transformation program will do. We provide the expertise and tools you need to align your leadership on a shared vision of the future and mobilize change on the frontlines with innovative solutions, rapid scaling, and the skill-building required to sustain success. 

Learn more about Transformation

Proprietary Innovation Software

Proprietary Innovation Software

Our in-house, cloud-based tools that support the innovation process

Next Generation Software Solutions

With the growth and agility of a start-up, our in-house software team develops and supports digital solutions for our consultants and clients, so they get to better, faster insights and results

Innovation Spaces

Innovation Spaces

Our 13 Digital Innovation Hubs around the world provide an ideal launchpad for your innovation efforts, supported by a diverse team of corporate innovators, founders, product managers, designers, and engineers.



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Bain and the World Economic Forum

We are excited to be part of The Davos Agenda hosted by the World Economic Forum from 25th to 29th of January. The week-long virtual series is a pioneering mobilization of global leaders to shape the principles, policies and partnerships needed in today’s new context.

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Innovation Experts

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Digital Delivery

Accelerate your innovation and transformation with a fully integrated suite of capabilities that puts digital at the heart of everything you do.

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