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What is Management Consulting?

What is Management Consulting?

A big term for a simple idea.

Management consulting is when a company specializes in helping other companies solve their toughest problems. For example, say a big utilities company wants to go green and switch to renewable energy. Where does it find the world's leading experts in renewables? Or strategists who know how to transform a business model? The answer: It hires a management consulting firm like Bain.

Anywhere you see a company in the news making a big change—announcing a bold new message, pioneering a sustainability initiative, or launching a new venture—you can bet a management consulting firm is involved.

And when you work at a management consultancy like Bain, you learn how to help businesses innovate, improve how they operate, and grow.

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Why management consulting?

Returning to the example of the utilities company, how is it that Bain has access to all those specialties that the utilities company doesn't?

It's because Bain attracts experts and expertise. We hire specialists in fields from advanced analytics to marketing to supply chain modeling who work alongside our general consultants to identify and address problems, develop strategies to improve performance, and make processes more efficient.

So, when that utilities company, or a financial services firm, or a multinational retailer approaches us, we assemble a case team with relevant experience and apply tools like Radar 360.

Because management consultants have access to all this experience, understanding, and wisdom, they can be a huge help, even for a company that already understands its business very well.

What are the benefits of a management consulting career?

Because we bring some of the most talented people in dozens of fields together, we get to be the epitome of that same operational efficiency we offer to our clients. We're ahead of the curve on everything from marketing technology to sustainability to diversity, equity, and inclusion because we must be the best if we're going to offer the best.

That means when you work at a consulting firm, you get to:

  • Build a problem-solving "toolkit" that'll prepare you for anything
  • Gain exposure to many industries, functions, companies, and scenarios
  • Work directly with executives from early on
  • Travel as suits you, your team, and your clients
  • Enjoy great benefits and a competitive salary
  • Work flexibly

And if you decide to work at Bain specifically, you'll also:

  • Apprentice directly under a Bain leader, peers, and experts across the firm
  • Build deep connections with colleagues from your home office and around the globe
  • Enjoy industry-leading professional development

How do I get into management consulting?

Great problem-solvers can come from anywhere, and there's no set background or profile that we hire for. We’re most interested in seeing that you demonstrate:

But don't worry—we foster a culture of continuous learning and development, with comprehensive training programs to help you round out your skills. Our career tracks and internships and programs provide starting points for people of any career stage or ambition, and are designed to ensure we get the most diverse mix of applicants possible.

In fact, diversity is among the most important factors to Bain's success. When a group of problem-solvers can all see one issue from unique angles, that leads to breakthrough thinking. That's how we help a utility company go green without negatively impacting its business. Or help an aging insurance business dominate in ecommerce. Or help the world's largest bakery halve its bread waste and help its employees go home to dinner with their families on time.

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What is it like to work in management consulting?

Working at a management consultancy is equal parts challenging and rewarding. At Bain, you will be pushed to do your boldest work in a supportive environment where we act as one team.

We work in or out of the office as suits the situation, the team, your growth, and the client. We want you to be able to do your very best work, and we want clients to achieve the very best results. That means you'll get a chance to travel as suits your role. And when life changes—when you need to move or are ready for a new challenge—we'll do our best to support.

You'll also be working in an environment of continuous learning. Our teams work to solve challenges externally for clients or internally within Bain, and it offers endless variety. There's training, both formal and informal. You'll have a personalized learning journey, where you can also branch out and pursue other interests or prepare for another role. And you'll have mentors and sponsors who are invested in your success.

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