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Capital Expenditure

In a world of slowing revenue growth but increasing demand for infrastructure investment, Bain Capex Impact addresses telecom executives' challenge of maintaining the industry's target capital intensity ratio, helping them prioritize capital expenditures that improve their strategic position and enable market share growth. Bain's approach has proven results—a redistribution of spend that ultimately increases capital efficiency and alignment with strategic objectives.

Capital Expenditure


Why Bain

Why Bain

Bain approaches the capital planning process differently, with an end-to-end process that addresses the most common pain points and is facilitated by proprietary, field-tested frameworks, benchmarks, and software. Bain Capex Impact helps companies improve capital allocations, using the four S’s of capital effectiveness (Situation, Strategy, Spend, Structure) to rapidly diagnose poor capex decisions and bring into focus the best investment opportunities:

  • Situation recognizes that every company and market are different. For this reason, Bain Capex Impact is not one-size fits all, and defies a "cookie cutter" approach.
  • Strategy fixes the common mistake of spreading resources thinly. Hard decisions will be made and the result will be sufficient capex allocations to the geographies and customer segments where senior leaders have made an explicit decision to play to win
  • Spend dives into the details of specific projects to life its ROI beyond traditional procurement levers.
  • Structure improves the operating model, especially the capital budgeting process. Rolling reviews replace the typical annual capital budgeting planning processes, new capital project evaluations are introduced, and role and responsibility allocations are redefined.

Capex Impact Toolkit

Capex Impact Toolkit

Bain Capex Impact combines a proprietary field-tested framework with benchmarks and cutting-edge software to facilitate a process for capital reallocation and deliver results. It includes:

  • Rapid CAPEX Diagnostic uses cutting-edge technology to translate a long list of projects into a standardized, executive level view. Its benchmark report ranks overspends versus peers and includes an initial list of potential opportunities to pursue focused on key problem areas.
  • Market Gameboard translates strategic priorities into market-by-market trade-offs, which help companies focus their capital expenditures on "guaranteed best" opportunities, instead of settling for simply "good enough." It includes a strategic fact-base on market value, business unit workshops to force trade-offs, and payout ratio (PoR) opportunity assessments.
  • Capital Allocator stops arbitrary allocations by using a combination of cutting edge technology, benchmarks and best practices. By setting meaningful outcome-driven targets, the leadership team can align to ensure that the plan is delivered on in full.
  • Capital Process Toolbox deploys a process and tools to create optimal multi-year capital plans with transparency and real accountability for delivering the promised benefits.

To learn more about Bain Capex Impact, download our brochure (PDF-255 KB).

Client Results

"We will cut CapEx by 20% in the next 2 years... while still winning short and long-term."
CEO, telecommunications industry

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