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Davos, Switzerland

Bain @ 2020 World Economic Forum

Bain @ 2020 World Economic Forum

For 17 years, we have been a strategic partner of The World Economic Forum in its mission to improve the state of the world by shaping global, regional and industry agendas.

Meet Our Delegation

Meet Our Delegation

What is the most effective way that your clients have addressed sustainability within their organization?

Lucy d'Arville

Partner, Sydney

"I have had the privilege of working with a number of mission-driven organisations across Australia and New Zealand over the last three years. At the heart of decision making in these organisations is a focus on what is best for their customers, employees and society in the long term, rather than near-term shareholder returns."

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Domenico Azzarello

Partner, Paris

"Sustainability is becoming a critical topic on the agenda requiring tremendous transformation of the way they conceive the offer, communicate to clients, go to market and reinvent the entire supply chain. The most effective companies are making the sustainability question an integral part of every business decision they take."

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François Faelli

Partner, Brussels

"Over the past 10 years, and even more so during my tenure as head of Bain’s Global Consumer Products practice, sustainability has become an increasingly pressing challenge for players in this industry. More specifically, environmental issues linked to packaging and supply chain management have moved to the top of CEOs’ agenda."


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Orit Gadiesh

Chairman, London

"Those who have taken it to heart and have made decisions for their value chain that accomplish goals they have set and announced for themselves."

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Manny Maceda

Worldwide Managing Partner, San Francisco

"To clearly identify sustainability as a top corporate priority, linked to each company’s strategy, and devote resources commensurate with that priority."

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Darrell Rigby

Partner, Boston

"My clients that have made the most progress make their sustainability efforts good for the planet and good for the business. They make their positive impact visible, their employees proud, their customers loyal, and their financial results sufficient to fund long-term growth."

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Hernan Saenz

Partner, Dallas

"The most effective approaches do not treat sustainability as a separate agenda item or organizational unit. Instead, sustainability is embedded in everything they do—from the input they purchase, to the process of converting these inputs into products and services, to delivering them to end customers. Sustainability is a key criterion in every major decision they make."

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Praneeth Yendamuri

Partner, Singapore

"We see a lot of insurgents racing ahead of multinationals to fully embrace sustainability in their core. What they do well is understand consumer needs and create a compelling and authentic narrative around sustainability."

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Join Us Live from Davos

  • How to Survive the 21st Century

    Nuclear war, ecological collapse and technological disruption pose an existential threat to human civilization. Join best-selling author and historian Yuval Noah Harari for an exploration of the challenges of the 21st century and how to address them before it is too late. Simultaneous interpretation in all languages This is a livestreamed session.

    Public Speakers: Orit Gadiesh, Yuval Noah Harari, Mark Rutte

    January 23, 2020 9:00-10:45 GMT



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