Davos, Switzerland

Bain @ 2020 World Economic Forum

Bain @ 2020 World Economic Forum

Da più di dieci anni siamo partner del World Economic Forum, supportandolo strategicamente nella sua mission di contribuire alla definizione di programmi globali, regionali e industriali.

La nostra delegazione

La nostra delegazione

Quali sono i principali temi che verranno affrontati nell’agenda globale del 2020?

Lucy d'Arville

Partner, Sydney

"It is apparent we cannot continue on the same path of the last 50 years; 2020 must see a step change in the global efforts to address the devastation of our natural environment, to reduce income equality and to increase trade flows. Fast-changing political and economic power structures globally and regionally have heightened and complicated these challenges."

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Domenico Azzarello

Partner, Paris

"These are the three key issues in 2020: digital transformation, cost pressure and fully embedding sustainability in the business agenda. We are living in a time of profound disruption and significant transformation."

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François Faelli

Partner, Brussels

"Status quo is no longer an option. With social and geopolitical tensions around the globe, 2020 is a critical year to pivot toward a more inclusive and respectful model globally, fighting simultaneously against all forms of inequalities—social, gender, geographical—and protecting the environment. The puzzle is too complex to solve on our own; it is our collective responsibility to join forces and build a shared sustainable future."


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Orit Gadiesh

Chairman, London

"Issues currently top of mind: the tech revolution and its broader ramifications, in particular AI computing power and biotech; global trade conflicts, especially China–US, but also in Europe and Asia; climate change, as well as sustainability and how the economy will (have to) adjust to change in different ways."

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Manny Maceda

Worldwide Managing Partner, San Francisco

"To explore continuing technology-enabled transformation, shifting global sociopolitical forces and an emerging prioritization of sustainability."

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Darrell Rigby

Partner, Boston

"The most common question I hear from senior executives is, “How can I create a business that will succeed in a world of such unpredictable and accelerating change?” Success will require new business systems where leaders unleash the potential of employees and give them greater autonomy—not by blindly trusting them, but by skillfully developing them to become more trustworthy."

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Hernan Saenz

Partner, Dallas

"As our world becomes ever more complex, the issues that shape the global agenda both accumulate and compound. The next few years will be defined by geopolitical relations in a multipolar world, attempts to democratize technological advances while mitigating associated risks, and a recommitment to sustainability, equality and humanism."

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Praneeth Yendamuri

Partner, Singapore

"Demographic changes and regionalised trade will lead to deglobalization to some degree. As countries become more nationalist and protectionist, this will impact not only the flow of manufactured goods, but also data and skills. Businesses and governments should continue to proactively expand trade and investment networks and champion the virtues of an open global trading system."

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