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Ufficio Bain


40 Strand
London, WC2N 5RW
United Kingdom

With a home in the United Kingdom’s entrepreneurial and cultural powerhouse, Bain London was the firm’s first office established beyond US borders. Our team serves a vast assortment of clients across the United Kingdom and globally, including international, multinational, FTSE 100, Fortune 500 and nonprofit organisations, as well as government institutions.

Our social impact work focuses heavily upon education and drives real, meaningful impact through long-term partners in the field, namely Impetus–The Private Equity Foundation, Ark and The Social Business Trust.

Our Team


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UK Tax Strategy

Our tax strategy is guided by two of Bain’s Operating Principles: act with integrity and communicate honestly.

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Our Culture

Our Culture

Bain London takes teamwork and inclusivity seriously, with over 45 nationalities represented and 36 languages spoken. Our team launched the Bain & Company True North Scholarship for Women, aimed to encourage women to enter consulting, a field where they are traditionally underrepresented.

In addition to regular social events that unite our office, Bain London originated the famed Bain World Cup, a now-annual football, rugby and volleyball competition among each of the firm's global offices.


Office Tour

Bain London is located at 40 Strand. Our building was recently redesigned with both our future growth and four key behaviours in mind: our productivity, connectedness, collaboration and creativity. Take a look for yourself.

Carriera in Bain

Carriera in Bain

Carriera in Bain & Company

Bain & Company è stata premiata come uno dei migliori posti in cui lavorare al mondo e offre una vasta gamma di opportunità di carriera per laureandi, laureati, MBA e professionisti.

Fin dal primo giorno, la nostra formula per il successo è stata semplice: creare una cultura collaborativa ad alto impatto in cui persone di straordinario talento siano incoraggiate a dare il meglio di sé.

Social Impact

Social Impact

At Bain London, we are committed to applying our skills beyond client work to tackle some of the world’s most pressing issues. Through a wide range of projects and initiatives, we partner with ground-breaking organisations in the fields of education, economic development and sustainability.

Education Transformation

Through our Social Impact “ring fence”, we work alongside our long-term partners (Impetus-The Private Equity FoundationArk Schools and The Social Business Trust) to help disadvantaged young people. We have a full team working throughout the year to deliver projects across our capabilities to some of the 50+ charities and ventures within these partner portfolios.

Pro-Bono Projects

We have a range of part-time teams delivering projects to charities and NGOs throughout the year. These are the “extra 10%” projects that consultants do on top of their corporate cases and which consistently prove to be highly rewarding and impactful. Recent projects cover all of our focus areas and include organisations as diverse as the UNHCR to local food bank charities.


The majority of the office has engaged at least once in one of the many other volunteering initiatives. Those include everything from small team events (e.g. cleaning the beach, cooking for the homeless) to long-term commitment to social enterprises (e.g. lunchtime tutoring programmes connected to local schools, mock interviews for unemployed 16-25 year olds and mentoring/training of charity CEOs). 


London office

40 Strand
London, WC2N 5RW
United Kingdom

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