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Case study

A CPG Player Targets a Promising Adjacent Market for its Legacy Brand

We gave a consumer health company an unconstrained view of its opportunities.


Distinct plans to accelerate growth


Innovation pipeline


Distinct plans to accelerate growth


Innovation pipeline

The Story

A leading player in the consumer health industry knew it needed to rethink its brand portfolio strategy. Long trusted for its medicated treatments, ConsumerHealthCo wanted to expand into faster-growing segments. But leaders lacked clarity on the best opportunities in the broader market and the precise moves required to win.

We helped ConsumerHealthCo identify and target a promising adjacent market for its legacy brand. Based on our recommendations, the company is capturing a piece of the burgeoning demand for immunity, nutrition, and energy-boosting products. Once known for its treatments, ConsumerHealthCo is now stretching profitably into illness prevention.

The art and science of brand growth strategy

The methodology we’ve developed for customer-led growth begins with defining and sizing the demand spaces within our client’s reach. To understand the market across regions, our teams deeply immerse themselves in customer behavior. The research allows us to capture and test consumer insights, then draw a detailed map of the future market.

Supported by our global innovation and design network, we applied powerful ethnographic analysis to ConsumerHealthCo’s challenge. Our laboratory used test-and-learn methods and app-based data to understand shopper decisions in real time, while interviews and other observations revealed a sharp new view of which market partitions were truly influential, and which less so.

Not just where to play, but how to make the right moves

ConsumerHealthCo’s decision had implications for its whole portfolio. Growth can be complicated. We showed company leaders a strategy for regrouping their family of brands, outlining which offerings could stretch to meet demand spaces and whether the better option was M&A or innovation.

We defined 10 distinct ways for the company to accelerate its growth. They related to brand memorability, range and innovation, in-store activation and net revenue management, and expertise and advocacy.

And we designed a plan for the company to refine its customer communications. Here we showed ConsumerHealthCo how to use A/B testing to continue to gain more insights about its customers. The team developed prototypes that have allowed them to test pricing moves and new product offerings.

Letting the CMO clearly see the field of play

The roadmap we handed ConsumerHealthCo has reinvigorated the company’s entire portfolio. Its two-year innovation pipeline lets it expand to fill the unmet needs of its customers and to capitalize on those innovations with a defined communication and activation plan for a series of launches.

We take our clients' confidentiality seriously. While we've changed their names, the results are real. 

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