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Case study

A new commercial strategy for a dental implant provider

The leading premium dental implant provider had lost commercial momentum and was losing market share. Bain analyzed the market and customer base and designed strategies for customer segmentation, product offerings, sales, pricing and marketing. The company regained market share and maintained its leadership position.

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The Full Story

The Situation

  • Leading premium dental implant provider* with a large direct sales force visiting General Dentists, Specialists, and Dental Labs
  • Attractive industry, with 10% growth rates in last years and attractive profit pools
  • Lost commercial momentum as a result of:
    • Conflicting messages to the market
    • Disconnect between the company and key clients
    • Lack of sales force focus
    • "1 size-fits-all" value proposition
    • Perceived over-pricing
  • Increasing competitive pressure (low-cost) was eroding market share

Our Approach

Use a three-step approach to identify full potential and the road to success:

Our Recommendations

Design a new commercial model along five dimensions:

The Results

Maintain leadership position & regain market share:


* We take our clients' confidentiality seriously. While we've changed their names, the results are real. 

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