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Education in Moscow: Improving Effectiveness amid Global Changes

Education in Moscow: Improving Effectiveness amid Global Changes

An analysis of Moscow's education sector compared with major global cities

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Education in Moscow: Improving Effectiveness amid Global Changes

Just as they did a century ago, schoolchildren today sit at their desks and write in notebooks. However, the digital technologies that have fundamentally changed many industries are now beginning to transform education. Electronic textbooks, interactive whiteboards and schools’ online portals are some of the components of the new environment and the basis of future digital education platforms.

As digital technologies evolve, the functions of education also change. Dramatic shifts in the balance of in-demand professions coupled with longer life spans mean that many of today’s students will have more than one profession (and, possibly, more than two)—so children should learn to learn. This, as well as increasing social inequality and stronger competition for human capital among the world’s major cities, forces society to change the approaches to building education systems.

Amid these global changes, Bain & Company set out to evaluate the quality of education in Moscow compared with leading cities worldwide. We review recent changes in the city's education sector and describe global best practices that may be used in Moscow.

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