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Future of Retail: New Era, New Challenges

Bain Partner Marc-André Kamel outlines winning principles to stay on top during times of retail convergence.


Future of Retail: New Era, New Challenges

As retailers face continuous waves of disruption, a picture of a winning model for the future emerges, and it’s a hybrid model that builds on the combined strengths of store-first and tech-first retailers. Achieving this agenda is extremely demanding, and not everybody will make it.  It is absolutely unavoidable, however, as the retail landscape converges and differences between incumbents and digital natives become indistinguishable. In this video, Marc-André Kamel, who leads Bain’s Global Retail practice, outlines transcending principles on how to thrive in the future of retail.


The Future of Retail: Winning Models for a New Era

Absolute scale, rapid innovation and data-analytics expertise are now as important as local leadership.



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